community guidelines

We, Squash Apps Private Limited (“Squash/Our/Us”) designed Aadu – Short Video App(“Platform”) to set up a community where user (“You”/ “Your”) can create and share UserContent to discover and connect with other Users of the Platform. We want the Platform tocontinue to be an authentic and safe place for Our Users. Our community guidelines(“Guidelines”) set forth what is allowed and not allowed while using Our Services on thePlatform. This Guidelines aims in protecting and developing the community of Users and webelieve that You help Us in maintaining Our Platform secured. By accessing our Platform andmaking use of our Services on this Platform, You agree to these Guidelines and OurTerms ofUse
Any capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms ofUse.
It is Our policy to remove User Content that violates the Guidelines. We may remove the entireUser Content if either the User Content or its associated captions violate Our Guidelines. Wemay also disable Your entire Account for violation of the Guidelines.We may resort to legalactions or work with law enforcement officers when We believe that there’s risk of physical harmor threat to public safety or any apparent violation of applicable law.

Respect Intellectual Property

You shall always own the User Content You post on the Platform. You shall post only authenticUser Content and must not post anything copied or collected from the Internet that You do nothave the right to post. Read our IP Policy

No Inappropriate Content

We do not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit User Content on this Platform andprohibits User Content depicting or supporting private parts of the body, sexually inappropriatecontent, or any digitally generated content in relation to the same. For security reasons, Wemay have to remove User Content showing naked or partially naked as it may be used byothers in unexpected way

Upholding Integrity, Authenticity & Genuineness

We remove Content or accounts that involve spam or fake engagement, impersonation,misleading information that causes harm, or that violate any others rights. We forbid activitiesthat may undermine the integrity of Our Platform or the authenticity of Our Users. Do not artificially increase, collect likes, followers, shares and comments or repeatedly contactother Users for business purposes without their permission

No Harm to Minor

We are deeply committed to ensure the safety of minors on Our Platform. We consider anyperson below the age of 18 as a minor. Any activities that indicate or amounts to abuse, harm,endangerment, or exploitation of minors on the Platform including animation or digitally created or manipulated media, that depicts abuse, exploitation, or nudity of minors is against ourGuidelines and hence such User Content shall be taken down. When we become aware of suchexploitation of minors, we shall report it to appropriate bodies established for the protection ofchildren such as National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

Take Care of Yourself and Others

We do not allow glorification or encouragement of self-injury. We remove User Content thatdisplays or encourages suicide, suicidal ideation, self-injury including fictional or graphic contentregardless of context. We will contact emergency services in case we identify any User is atimmediate risk of harming themselves.

No to Harassment, bullying and discrimination

We do not tolerate members of Our community being shamed, bullied, or harassed. AbusiveUser Content or behavior such as hate speech, credible threats, shaming individuals, usingpersonal information to blackmail, or hacking or repeated unwanted messages can causesevere psychological distress and will be removed and blacklisted from the Platform. Weconsider these online behaviors as forms of abuse and do not allow them on Our platform.We do not allow discrimination or violence based on race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, sex,gender identity, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.

Be Careful While Posting Content with Graphic Violence

User Content depicting graphic images or videos such as violent deaths or accidents, mutilatedhuman parts, gore wounds, animal cruelty is forbidden, and We may remove such User Contentto make sure that the Platform stays appropriate for everyone. Users may upload User Contentto share newsworthy events which may contain graphic content. Since there are different peoplein different age groups who use Our Platform, We may remove such User Content. If You sharesuch User Content for raising awareness and for educational purpose, We encourage you tocapture a warning about the graphic content.

Follow the Applicable Law

We prohibit support or praise of terrorism, organized crime or hate groups on the Platform.Further, offering sexual services and selling firearms and drugs are also not allowed. We alsoprohibit the trade, sale, promotion, and use of certain regulated goods, as well as the depiction,promotion, or facilitation of criminal activities, including human exploitation. Remember to followthe applicable law when you are creating a User Content in Our Platform. User Content may beremoved if it violates applicable laws and/or contains illegal content. even if the activities orgoods in question are legal in the jurisdiction of posting.

No to Phishing and Virus

We shall remove User Content that contain viruses or malware or other software that areharmful to Our Platform and any attempt to phish other User, or hack or distributed denial ofservice to them.


You shall report any User Content that You think may violate any of Our Guidelines at[]. We have a dedicated team that reviews these reports as quickly aspossible and works to remove any User Content that violates Our Guidelines. You can still make a report, even if You or someone You know does not have an Account.When You complete the report, try to provide as much information as possible, such as links,usernames, and descriptions of the User Content, so We can find and review it quickly.Further, if You find any User Content that does not violate the Guidelines, but at the same timeYou personally did not like, then, You canunfolloworblockthe User who posted it. If there issomething You dont like in a comment on one of Your posts, You candelete that comment.We may work with law enforcement officers including when we believe there is risk of physicalharm or threat to public safety.