our intellectual property rights policy


Copyright is an exclusive legal right of a person for a work which is original and creative. Anyliterary, musical, dramatic, artistic, and cinematographic work is copyrightable, and the rightis attached to the person right from the moment he creates it. Any authorised use of acopyrighted work without obtaining prior permission of the original copyright holder amountsto copyright infringement.
Users should only upload videos that they have created on their own or that they are authorised to use. This means that Users should not upload videos or any content that theydidnt make or create or use content in their videos in which someone else owns thecopyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programmes or videos made byother users, without necessary authorisations.

Fair Use/Fair Dealing

There are certain exceptions to copyright infringement under law which are construed as fairdealing. Fair dealing allows the reuse of copyrighted material under specific instanceswithout the permission of the copyright owner. What constitutes a fair dealing depends on acase to case basis and different countries have different views on the same. In India, fairdealing of any work for the purpose of personal use or research, criticism, or review,reporting of current events, incidental storage of a copyrighted work or performance purely inthe technical process of electronic transmission or communication of the public, theexhibition of such film after the expiration of the term of copyright therein in relation tomusical work recorded or reproduced in any cinematograph film are some of the instanceswhich are considered as fair dealing, but depending on each case.
We have created the Aadu Music Library to help Users to recreate content safely byproviding high quality music and effects free of charge. Use of any song or audio, sound orvideo recording or music recording other than from the Aadu Music Library, may involvelicenses, permissions and authorisations from third parties or their respective IP rightsholders.


A trademark is a word, logo, phrase, slogan, or device that a person or company uses todistinguish their product or service from others. A trademark helps in distinguishing thegoods or services of the owner in the marketplace and prevents others from using it in anunauthorized or confusing manner. An unauthorized use of a trademark in connection withgoods or services in a way that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake about theaffiliation of the associated goods and/or services is considered to be trademark infringement. However, fair use, use for research, educational purposes, private viewing andnon-commercial purpose are exceptions to trademark infringement.
We, at our sole and absolute discretion shall have the right to remove the User Content thatinfringes the intellectual property rights of another person. We may remove/suspend theAccount in case of intellectual property right violation in connection with the use of Servicesby our users or in violation of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Claims of Intellectual Property Right Infringement

If you are the rightsholder alleging infringement

If you believe in good faith that your copyrighted work is infringed by a user on the Platform,or your copyrighted work is contained in the Aadu Music library that we maintain in ourPlatform as part of our Services or if your trademark is used without your authorisation, youcan file a complete and valid take down notice with us through the “Report” option availableon our Platform or through (insert the hyperlink of the infringement notice here). Thereport that you submit with us should be complete with all necessary details that we requirefrom you and. we may also contact you for additional information required during ourinvestigation. We only investigate an infringement report that is submitted to us by theoriginal rightsholder or their authorised legal representative. You, as a rightsholder alleginginfringement understand and acknowledge that we shall forward your report to the creator ofthe User Content that has been reported by you for a counter response.

If you are a user of the Platform

As a user of the Platform, if you believe that the IP infringement notice that you received isincorrect or that you are legally authorised to use the content that you uploaded in ourPlatform or that you are authorised to use the trademark, you may either contact thecopyright claimant directly or file a response in our Platform or through (insert thehyperlink for the response notice here)with all the necessary details that we require fromyour side. Please be aware that we may provide your contact details to the IP claimant inaccordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
After receiving the necessary representations from both the parties, we shall takeappropriate action basis the proof submitted by each party, which includes blocking orremoving a video, blocking the account etc. In case where a party is not satisfied with thedecision, they shall approach the appropriate court of law.

Repeated Infringement Policy

If a user infringes copyright multiple times, we may disable/remove your account or we maylimit the user’s access to the Services on our Platform. The action taken by us may varydepending upon the nature of infringement. Keep in mind that videos can be removed fromthe Platform for reasons other than copyright as well
Please note that we may not be able to adjudicate an intellectual property right infringementclaim which may require in depth analysis and investigation. In these cases, we advise youto directly contact the claimant or the infringer for resolving the issue. In this regard, pleasebe aware that we may provide your contact details to the counter party in accordance withour Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.