AADU is a short video content creation app. Create your videos and share it with your friends, family, followers! Become an internet STAR by creating viral videos.

You can become the next big STAR on the online space just for having fun with your friends in their backyard. You can also share them on social media or other platforms.We believe in creativity, simplicity, and spontaneity.
Whether you’re an aspiring YouTube Star, or just looking for some fun on the weekends with your friends – AADU is your best friend when it comes to creating viral videos.With millions of users worldwide, AADU has become one of the most popular apps for making short videos on mobile devices – whether it’s just for fun or if you want to get more views on social media or YouTube.

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You can also take pictures of yourself and place them on top of different backgrounds from around the world, so it looks like you’re traveling without ever having left your house. AADU makes it easy to edit photos too – just choose a filter and then crop out parts that don’t look good!With AADU, there are endless possibilities for how you can express yourself. AADU is free for all users and there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases – everything you need to make an incredible video is right inside the app! Get busy making amazing memories with your friends today!
AADU is your best friend when it comes to creating viral videos. With AADU, there’s no need for expensive equipment or complicated editing software – it’s all about the creativity! All you need to do is create a video in the app and share it with your friends! The more people who watch it, the more views you get – and the more likes you’ll get from all of your followers.So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!
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